"Teamwork Makes The Dream Work"

Who am I?


45 years old. Live 20 min drive south of Malmoe together with my partner Carina and our cats, "Sture" and "Siv".


Worked 23 years with Industrial process and flow engineering. Project management, calculations, dimensioning, corporate management, lectures and education.

Athletic background

Tennis, Football, Taekwondo, Squash

Started playing golf and got my "Hcp certificate" at the age of 17´(1993), after having been inspired by a skilled class mate.

3 years later 1996, when I was living and studying in Sydney (Australia), I was privelidged enough to meet with and practice my own game of golf, with PGA Pro David Merriman. I strongly believe that our meetings planted a seed in me and started growing an urge and a dream of working along with the best golf players in the world, one day. As a Professional Caddie you stand next to your player in good and bad. A truely unique position in the world of Professional Sports.

Golf CV

Team leader Bokskogen GC
Team H35 - 2013, 2014
Team H30 - 2015
Team H22 - 2016

Personal best scores 18 holes
Professional Tournament:   -1
Club Tournament:   -2
Social Round:   -4 Club Tee "Yellow"

Product specialist/Fitting Technician
Acushnet Sweden AB - 2017
Brand: Titleist and FootJoy

Professional Caddie Programme  PGA of Sweden 2018

Professional Caddie 2018 -
-Henric Sturehed (Swe)
-Kalle Samooja (Fin)
-Oliver Farr (Wal)
-Joel Sjöholm (Swe)
-Michael Jonzon (Swe)
-Christofer Blomstrand (Swe)
-Jens Dantorp (Swe)
-Minkyu Kim (Kor)
-Lasse Jensen (Den)

Work Clothing on Tour

12 Quick questions?

Interests outside the golf course?
- Hanging out with loved ones, cooking, interior decoration and other sports.

Favorite club in your own golf bag?
-I like all my clubs, but if I have to pick one here and now, I'd go for my Putter.

Favorite country?
-Oh, that's a difficult question. Australia lies to my heart, a country I like to visit. A pity it's so far away.

Favorite food?
-I'm an omnivore, so it's a bit dependent on the season. I always enjoy a BBQ when home. In general i prefer a variation of meat, fish, seafood and in recent years also vegetarian.

Sporting role model?
-Roger Federer

Beer or wine?
-I Like both, but a glass of good red wine is difficult to beat.

Where do you prefer to spend a long weekend?
-Together with Carina in New York "Manhattan", sits in the top end of my "Bucket List".

Favorite animal?
-Big cats, if I have to pick one? Tiger.

Have you tried Bungy Jump?

-Yes, in Australia 1996.
(Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise) 

Who has the nicest looking golf swing?
-Louis Oosthuizen

Do you have a role model in the Caddie profession?
-There are an incredible number of good Caddies, not least I have learned it since I started working as a Caddie myself. I am inspired by several different colleagues and therefore cannot choose just one.

What Tournament would you most like to have on your resume, as a Caddie?
-As an individual Tournament, The Open Championship is the biggest, oldest and most honored Golf Tournament, so it would be great fun to have on my resume. The only golf venue that could compete with the "Majors" and possibly even beat the experience of being Caddie in a Major is: Ryder Cup, that would be really special a true Stand Out.

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